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Get Support, Get Dates & Get Married

The Ring Formula Masterclass!

We empower single women to attract quality dates and boost their chances of finding love, reducing dating stress and loneliness—all in just 2 months!

Next Class Starts January 9, 2024 at 9pm EST.

Are You Social Enough To Attract Great Dates?

Did you know that healthy friendships in adolescence can significantly impact your ability to attract and maintain great romantic relationships later in life?

Unfortunately, not everyone had the opportunity to establish these crucial relationships during their formative years, which may be why so many struggle to find and maintain healthy romantic relationships as adults.

The Ring Formula Masterclass is designed to help women improve their self-confidence, establish healthy standards, and achieve success in their romantic pursuits. With the guidance of Dr. Tartt's proven strategies and research-based techniques, you can learn to attract the right kind of men and build lasting relationships. Join us and invest in yourself today! 

Join Dr. Alduan Tartt's and Mecca Tartt’s Ring Formula Masterclass to learn the secrets of attracting good men, handling multiple suitors, building deep emotional connections, and MORE.

Let’s get you that RING! 


He Who Findeth A Wife Finds A Good Thing.
You Are A "Good Thing"... So, Let's Get You That Ring!

Watch Dr. Tartt & Mecca In Action

Do you often find yourself stuck in the same old dating patterns, despite putting in the effort? Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied in your romantic life?

The Ring Formula Masterclass starts with this introductory webinar that will teach you the 15 common mistakes that women make in dating and provide practical solutions on how to fix them quickly.

Join Dr. Tartt, Mecca, and other like-minded women in this engaging and informative webinar that will kickstart your journey to finding true love and meaningful relationships!

A Sneak Peak Into

The Ring Formula Masterclass!

Ring Formula Webinar Promo Video #2 (How & Where To Find Good Men)

What You Will Learn

  • Why Men Should Marry For Their Own Good

  • Strategy For Attracting Good Men

  • Online Dating Strategies

  • Why Some Women Get More Dates Than Others

  • How To Work The Room When You Flirt

  • How To Flirst, Fascinate & Flee To Evoke Chase

Personal Benefit
Watch Ring Formula #2 when you feel confident enough to want to date and need advice on how to attract & meet good men in person and/or online.

Ring Formula Webinar Promo Video #3 (Getting Dates, Dating Rules & Dating More Than One Man)

What You Will Learn

  • How To Handle The First Phone Call

  • 11 Super Important Rules of Dating

  • Why It's Better To Date More Than One Guy

Personal Benefit

Use Ring Formula #3 when you want to start going on multiple dates to find the best match for a serious relationship later. Believe it or not, men have criteria they look for in a wife but rarely verbally communicate. We expect you to already know them. I'll conver the eleven rules of dating that work for you.

Ring Formula Webinar Promo Video #4 (How To Get Him Really Into You & Gaining Commitment)

What You Will Learn

  • How Discuss Commitment

  • How To Overcome His Hesitation or Cold Feet

  • How To Establish Deep Emotional Connection

  • How To Build A Relationship That Last (Research Based & Proven

Personal Benefit

Use Ring Formula #4 when you have your heart on one man and you wish to establish a deep connection that leads to a committed relationship. I'll teach you how to build a relationship that last based on research.

Ring Formula Webinar Promo Video #5 (How To Manage Sex In Relationships)

What You Will Learn

  • How Discuss Celibacy, Abstinence & Delayed Physical Intimacy

  • How Discuss Sexual Chemistry & Need for Improvements When You're Married

  • How To Deal With Cheating & How To Reform

Personal Benefit

Use Ring Formula #5 when you want advice on how to discuss sex without compromising your beliefs but want to maintain his sexual energy exclusively. I'll discuss how to discuss improving sexual chemistry when you're married. Bonus section on how to handle cheating (not that you'll need it).


Discover the secrets to finding and keeping the love
of your life with The Ring Formula Masterclass!

This comprehensive webinar series covers everything from improving self-confidence to attracting good men and establishing healthy dating habits. Learn how to navigate the dating world like a pro and achieve the fulfilling romantic relationship you deserve.


Join the Ranks of Other Beautiful Women
Who Have Found Their Mr. Right!


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Unlock Your Relationship Potential


“Behave like you have VALUE.”
– Dr. Alduan Tartt

By behaving like you have value, you are setting healthy standards for yourself and communicating to others that you are deserving of LOVE and RESPECT.

Through The Ring Formula Masterclass, you will learn to cultivate a deep sense of self-worth and confidence and establish healthy standards in dating and relationships.
With the guidance of Dr. Tartt and Mecca, you will gain
the tools and strategies to attract and maintain healthy relationships that align with your values and goals.

Don't let past patterns define your future. Take the first step towards building meaningful and fulfilling relationships by signing up for this program today. Join a community of individuals who are committed to fostering healthy friendships and cultivating genuine connections, and discover how you too can create the relationship you've always wanted!

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The Ring Formula Masterclass

A comprehensive 5-part webinar coaching series designed to help you gain confidence, socialize more, secure more dates, and date with marriage in mind.

Next Class Nov, 7 2023 | 9 PM EST

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