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Hear What Our Ring Formula Participants Had to Say!

Delisha E Engagement Photo 2.jpeg

Delisha's Story

I enrolled in The Ring Formula program during the pandemic and it was one of the best decisions I made. The coaching from the Tartt's was more than encouragement it was enlightenment to how I was not dating properly and not being positioned to be found. Knowing you're a wife is one and being positioned to be found by your husband is another. The benefits of coaching also helped me embrace who I authentically was as a woman and know the right man would accept all of me. After their coaching, my confidence increased in regard to being open to meeting him anywhere. I set up a few online profiles and went on wonderful dates. It wasn't until I relocated back home to Atlanta and I decided to try online dating again that my now fiance found me.Preparation for a wife varies for each of us let God direct you on what that looks like, but most likely it will be teaching you to be more selfless. Reflecting back I thank God for placing the Tartt's in my life to help me be prepared to receive my now husband.

Shae is  Ready for Marriage

I am so happy I was a part of the ring formula cohort in 2023. I gained a lot of wisdom. I don't have an engagement to report yet, but I am in a relationship, it is still very new, but it has been such a great experience. I will be 40 this year, and I have never dated in this way, and it really seems to be working out for me. For one, my bf is very sweet, he asked me to be his girlfriend, I had never experienced that before. He is really into me, expresses his feelings to me.. I am used to men that seem to not like me that much. I am definitely putting into practice what I have learned from you and Dr. Tartt. I definitely have the confidence to date no matter what and know that there are good men out here looking for someone like me. 

Patricia Engagement Photo .jpg

Patricia's Win!

I owe you and Alduan so much after attending “The Ring Formula”. In fact, it’s the perspective that I gained from that class that helped  to  lead me to a God-Fearing, Family-Oriented, Loving man. This time Mecca I got it right!  The Tartts are Amazing! 

Video Testimonial

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