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Three First Steps To Dating For Marriage

Tired of endlessly swiping through dating apps and struggling to find quality dates? Ready to make real progress towards finding your happily ever after?

As you know, dating to marry isn’t all fun and flirting like regular dating—it's a serious endeavor to find the purpose partner you want to do the rest of your life with!

If you're struggling to navigate this, Dr. Alduan Tartt and his wife, Mecca, have you covered! In this video, they'll be sharing 3 critical steps to successfully date your way to a happy and rewarding marriage!

Plus, they’re answering some thought-provoking questions that will shed light on the state of dating today, like…

Do men still desire to get married?

What are single women doing to date successfully and get engaged?

What do you need to do to attract high-value men?

If you need further support in your journey of finding and attracting your future husband, we offer an amazing Ring Formula Masterclass where you work either directly with us (or do it yourself) to get quality dates in 3 months so you can meet your future husband and avoid loneliness, despair, and failed relationships that you don't deserve.

Sign up for our exclusive, science-based coaching program now! We start May 23rd at 9pm because a woman like you is ready to date well in this season so you can already be dating the man of your dreams in 2023. Click here to start and learn more.

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